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New Mediup Silver Q10 Toothpaste 4EA
New Mediup Silver Q10 Toothpaste 4EA Premium undertop toothpaste 4EA Premium undertop toothpaste 4EA
Anti-plaque, the prevention of bad tooth, the protection of gums, periodontal disease and whitening and strengthening the teeth. .

The prevention of bad tooth, anti-plaque, the protection of gums, periodontal disease and whitening, ways to get rid of bad breath

Herbal Soap Herbal Soap

Aromatic Soap 3EA Aromatic Soap 3EA
Massage your whole body with the soap bubbles after a shower.
After washing your body again in about 6-7 minutes, softly scrub
your body using a towel.

This highly-refined soap with 99% pure-gold ingredients keeps your skins clean and transparent. It removes all kinds of body wastes, relieve skin troubles, and keeps your skins moisturized.

Sunblock Lotion HONEY Foam Cleansing HONEY Foam Cleansing
At the final stage of foundation makeup, apply on your faces, neck, arms, and legs which may be easily exposed to ultraviolet rays in your daily lives or during the exercise

It is foam cleansing that contains honey to excel foaming and washing and to remove all kinds of wastes completely. .

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